Stored Product Inserts

Stored Product Inserts – Beetles

Beetles are a group of insects that includes ground beetles, stag beetles, dung beetles, rove beetles, chafers, ladybirds, leaf beetles and weevils, form the group called Coleoptera.

Beetles can vary from very small to quite large insects. They can be identified by their hard forewings. These form a protective hard shell called a carapace, which meets neatly on the mid line of the body without overlapping. Most species are able to fly when required and are generally very mobile.

Beetles include families of predators that play a vital role in keeping down the numbers of other invertebrates. Other families are stored product pests or feed on wood or leaves and play an important role in decomposition.

Stored Product Inserts – Moths

Moths include macro moths and micro moths.

Moths, along with butterflies, form the group called Lepidoptera. They are mostly nocturnal and drab in colour, although there are several species that are more brightly coloured and some that fly during the day.

Moths usually rest with their wings flat against the surface they have landed on or with the wings held over the body like a tent. In most cases the antennae are simple, not feathered, and don.t end in a noticeable club. Their larvae are commonly known as caterpillars.

Warehouse Moth (Ephestia Elutella)


Warehouse Moth, Ephestia elutella is also known as Cocoa Moth and Tobacco Moth. This species infests cereal, fruit, shelled nuts, cocoa beans, fish, spices and tobacco. It is a common stored product insect in temperate and tropical regions. Ephestia elutella infestations are especially serious where wheat and flour are stored in bulk. Infestations contribute to the £300 million annual tobacco industry losses through pest infestation.