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Mosquito Home Station concept is potentially a revolutionary tool to control Aedes spp, which they have a unique egg-laying characteristic of distributes their eggs over more than five breeding containers as they could possibly find to maximize their offspring’s survival chances, the Mosquito Home Station is making use of these egg-laying female mosquito behaviour as the mechanical vector to bring the formulation to cross contaminate to other hidden breeding sites that nobody could find, killing their own offspring as well as other mosquito during their aquatic stage before they become adult.
  • Prepare a breeding site for mosquito Aedes, lure and destroy. The liquid solution (Mosquito Home AQ) into Mosquito Home make Mosquito Aedes feel attracted and secure and comfortable for laying eggs.
  • The mosquito Aedes eggs won’t be hatch or killed before they come out from the eggs into the Mosquito Home and the eggs can be collected as data for your pest control report or study.
  • Mosquito Home AQ also block the food supply into the water for larva survives, if there are super larva can break through the first defense of Mosquito Home.
  • Transfer effect will let the Female Mosquito Aedes polluted its next breeding site.
  • Non-pollution and Environmental friendly.
  • Minimum wastage. The formulation or contents can use up to the last drop.
  • Fogging or household insecticides wasted at least 99.99% of the content which is ended up into our environment to create serious pollution
  • Sustainable for long term control in 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Compare with fogging or larvacide just provide few minutes to 30 days protection.
  • Easy to implement, no labour intensive.
  • No Special Technical skills needed.
  • Validated study and tested by Vector Control Research Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Institute Medical Research (IMR).

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Mosquito Home Station

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